8 Facts That Will Improve Your Hunting

  1. Unpressured, Early season deer bed down closer to food sources, traveling less during the day. When season begins and hunters start romping through the brush, deer will increase their daily travels by up to 25%. Most deer will seek heavy cover when they bed down, even if it’s miles from their preferred food source.
  2.  Mature Bucks are Advantageous, they do everything for a reason. The biggest bucks have survived so long for a reason; they are not your run of the mill deer running headlong into traffic. Giant bucks use the terrain to their advantage.
  3. Larger deer drink 4-6 qts of water per day. If you’re a still hunter you can take advantage of this by placing your stand close to a body of water.
  4. Deer aren’t necessarily quiet animals. They will make more noises when there’s less visibility. Studies have shown that deer make dozens of different vocalizations, so knowing a few and applying them to the appropriate scenario will improve your hunting drastically.
  5. A buck’s full range, on average, is about 750 – 1,000 acres, but they’ll spend 75% of their time in their home territory of 50 – 100 acres.
  6. Bucks aren’t territorial. Don’t put too much stock in rut signs. They will assert their dominance for breeding rights, but they don’t fight over land.
  7. Deer can see the color Blue 20-25x better than humans. Stop wearing those blue denim jeans! Wear proper camouflage, break up any stagnant colors to ensure optimum concealment.
  8. Deer can hear about the same as we do, but they’re much better at locating those sound than we are. They also smell almost 1000x better than we do. So take a shower, marinate in deer urine and get out there!

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