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hogDid you know our Wild Hogs came here in 1539, brought by Hernando de Soto? Wild hogs directly compete with deer and wild turkey for habitat and food, doing significant damage to the habitat and agricultural production through their rooting activities.

Studies done by Wildlife Researchers, show that hunters need to take 75-80% of the hogs from an area every year to keep the population in check. This is where you come in!


White tail deer are the largest mammals found in South Carolina and the most popular animal to hunt.

Hunting license fees and excise taxes on firearms and ammo fund millions of acres of habitat preservation and improvement. Each year, hunters contribute $7.5 million per day toward conservation. Habitat loss has eroded the natural range of animals while agriculture has increased food supplies—the result is game populations growing out of control. If they’re not hunted, they’ll die of starvation or disease. Proper game management is more important than ever. Not to mention that venison is free of man made intervention, which benefits the mind, body and soul.

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